How #PGS21 is Making a Difference

Dialogue is the foundation of change. At PGS21, next-generation political leaders and public intellectuals from Europe and across the Atlantic come together to debate and exchange best-practices on how politics, economic systems, and institutions must grow in order to achieve progress for all. We encourage dialogue and debate that creates impactful as well as inspiring conclusions.



With an international group of progressives and show solidarity for social justice and our planet.


Build on

The experiences, energy and innovation of the grassroots/community level with best policy practices at the national and international level.



The direction for the progressive movement as we emerge from the pandemic and into a decade desperate for action and progress.

Speakers Include

We are thrilled to welcome 100 international speakers, who will be debating and exchanging best practices on how to make the 2020s a decade of progress at 20+ sessions during the Progressive Governance Digital Summit. PGS21 is bringing together the decision makers of today & tomorrow from governments and parliaments, political advisers and strategists, civil society changemakers, social movement leaders, and public intellectuals.

Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance, Germany
Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Spain
Journalist and author
Co-Chairman of The Greens, Germany
Co-Chairwoman of The Left, Germany
Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies
Federal Minister of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology, Austria
Candidate for Governing Mayor of Berlin


9, 10, 11 June

20+ sessions on making the 2020s a decade of progress


Join the movement and build change-driven progressive networks


Take part and interact from anywhere in the world


Decisions makers from all levels of governance and 30+ partners


Now is the time to act. After living in a pandemic for more than a year and experiencing a decade of inequality, planet degradation, and threats to liberal democracies by far-right actors, bold structural reform is needed to leave no person or community behind. Going beyond words, progressives need to emerge from this crisis with tangible plans on how to rebuild electoral bases and implement political & economic policy. We must be open to political coalitions forming around new approaches and between emerging actors: each step towards the world we want to live in will not be the same. Impactful leadership will require adapting to the 21st century while maintaining the perennial goals of justice, equality, and a livable planet. PGS21 is a space where prominent constellations of leaders are brought together to encourage fresh strategies and approaches on how to implement progressive change. This year’s summit wants to lay the foundation for a 2020s defined by progress. #PGS21 will do so by expanding its international progressive network, crucial infrastructure for dialogue, solidarity, and ensuing change.

The Legacy

From Santiago to London, Oslo, Dublin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Stockholm to Berlin – Progressive Governance conferences and summits have been held worldwide since 1999. Since its inception, the conference has gathered leading as well as up-and-coming academics, activists and political decision-makers from around the globe. While each Progressive Governance edition has had a different main focus, the underlying goal remains the same: to debate and discuss the current state of centre-left parties and movements as well as common paths forward. The now yearly Progressive Governance series brings cutting-edge intellectual thinking and impactful political actors together to rejuvenate the progressive governing philosophy and political agenda across the world.

Robert Habeck at the 2019 Progressive Governance Symposium.
Magdalena Andersson attended Progressive Governance in 2015.
Bill Clinton attended the Progressive Governance Series in 2003.

Join the international progressive community on 9, 10, 11 June 2021.

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