Connect with the International Progressive Community

Building community and impactful alliances are at the heart of our yearly Progressive Governance Digital Summit. Despite (and because) of our fully digital format, there are many ways to join the PGS community - whether you are looking for one-on-one exchanges, debriefings after our sessions, or building connections on your favourite platforms. Keep scrolling to see how you can chat, network and connect with other inspiring progressives from around the world.

PGS Community Space

Do you miss the offline encounters at conferences? Would you like to exchange thoughts and ideas with fellow progressives after having followed a panel debate? Hop on to our PGS Community Space! With two clicks, you can meet and talk with fellow participants – it is as easy as standing next to someone at the bar or meeting over coffee.

Engage during our Sessions

Registered participants are invited to join our summit sessions directly on Zoom. Make sure to join all sessions via Zoom to be able to ask questions and chat directly with fellow participants. Find your access codes in your email inbox (in the “Your Guide to #PGS21” mailing).

Who is Who of #PGS21

Curious to see who else will be joining this year’s Progressive Governance Digital Summit? View the participants’ list and find their Twitter accounts to directly connect with fellow progressives. In the official LinkedIn event, you can meet other participants in the event chat and add new contacts to your network.

* Find your passcode in your email inbox (in the “Your Guide to #PGS21” mailing).

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