6 May, 2021

Germany after Merkel – World Review Podcast

DATE: 10 June 2021

TIME: 15:00 – 16:15 (CEST)

Germany after Merkel - World Review Podcast


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The upcoming German federal election marks the end of the Angela Merkel era. After 16 years in the top-level job, her style of centrist politics and cautious leadership has left a deep impression on German politics, media, and society. With her departure the rocklike stability of the German political landscape is temporarily a thing of the past, opening up the possibility of a system-wide overhaul and a progressive coalition in government. Against this background, what are the root causes of the momentum of change in German politics? And what will Germany’s role in Europe and the world be post-Merkel?


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The Speakers

International Editor at The New Statesmen
Chair and Co-Founder of Das Progressive Zentrum
Inaugural Holder of the Fritz Stern Chair at Brookings Institution
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