6 May, 2021

Building a New Era of Multilateralism

DATE: 10 June 2021

TIME: 15:00 – 16:15 (CEST)

Building a New Era of Multilateralism



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In an entangled world, multilateral institutions are needed to address common global challenges. After decades of economic and technological globalization and then ensuing bursts of protectionism, multilateralism now needs to pave a new path forward. This new era of multilateralism must provide democratic and economic frameworks that do not merely benefit the wealthy and powerful. How can a new era of multilateralism update its rules, norms, and mechanics to ensure more inclusiveness between all states? Only when states have the framework to collaborate as equals, can they begin to address the current global challenges. This session will look at which policies and approaches can build multilateral frameworks that form the foundation of a green, socially just, and democratic planet for all.


Value-based foreign policy and multilateralism

Strengthening the Partnership in leadership between Europe and North America to promote human rights, democratic principles, and international institutions on the global stage.

The Speakers

Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress
Member of the German Parliament, Free Democratic Party
President of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies
Spanish Member of the European Parliament, S&D fraction
Member of the Italian Parliament
Senior News Anchor, DW News
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