Christian Odendahl

Chief Economist at the Centre for European Reform

Christian Odendahl is chief economist at the Centre for European Reform. Christian works on European monetary and fiscal policy, European integration and economic growth, financial markets as well as German politics. He commentates regularly on economic issues in print and broadcast media, including the Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Deutschlandfunk and the BBC. He has also given oral evidence to the House of Lords on the future of the eurozone. Before joining the CER, Christian worked as a senior economist at Roubini Global Economics in London on the eurozone, the ECB and Germany, and as a Marjorie Deane financial journalism fellow at The Economist. Christian holds a PhD in economics from Stockholm University, chapters of which were published in the European Economic Review and the European Journal of Political Economy.

Twitter: @OdendahlC
Position: Chief Economist at the Centre for European Reform

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