6 May, 2021

The New World of Work after the Pandemic: Who are the Winners and Losers?

DATE: 9 June 2021

TIME: 15:00 – 16:15 (CEST)

The New World of Work after the Pandemic: Who are the Winners and Losers?



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The Covid-19 global pandemic has exacerbated the systemic challenges in our economy and accelerated technological forces which are changing the nature of work. It has also transformed the work environment for many knowledge workers making it more flexible and mostly home-based (as for now). At the same time people in jobs that are delivering crucial services to the public are often underpaid and exposed to greater health and social risks. 


As we plan for a post-pandemic future, we are keen to explore how the pandemic has changed the world of work. Who will benefit from these changes? And who will be left more vulnerable or insecure? This session will examine how a new social contract which guarantees economic security, worker voice, and dignity can be realized in the 2020s.


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The Speakers

Director of the Royal Society of Arts U.S.
Head of the Future Work Centre, Royal Society of Arts UK
Founder of the New Practice Lab at New America
Deputy General Secretary of European Trade Union Confederation
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